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JuiceWorks Raya Special

The month of Ramadan is upon us and JuiceWorks Malaysia has come up with a drink to make the breaking of fast a lot more enjoyable.

Their Fresh Dates Shake will be available at various JuiceWorks kiosks around the country. Dates have been a long standing traditional staple at many a dining table during this fasting month. These naturally sweet morsels of goodness are harvested from palm trees under the Arecaceae family, botanically named as Phoenix dactylifera.

Believed to have originated from the fertile riverbanks of the Nile and Euphrates in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, dates have been harvested for many years by nomadic tribes and are now grown commercially for a worldwide market.

Now, we get to enjoy an ancient fruit in our modern fashion - in juice. The sweet fruit are especially good for people who can only take natural sweeteners.

The Fresh Dates Shake is a made-to-order concoction that is made of specially selected imported Honey Dates combined with freshly squeezed apple and orange juice as a base. The creamy shake gets its consistency from yogurt, enhanced with antioxidant-rich berries to give the drink an overall rounded taste.

Dates have long enjoyed a reputation as fruits that taste as delicious as they are nutritious. They aid in constipation and soothe intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. They also rich with essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, sulphur, potassium and magnesium, and are also a source of dietary fibre to help promote a comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract.

What makes dates such an ideal companion especially after a day of fasting is in its ability to aid recovery. Many break fast by consuming dates, which helps them avoid incidences of overeating following a fast. As the body absorbs the rich nutrition offered by dates, it also helps to satiate hunger. Dates also help to regulate the digestive process, which is crucial after a fast. Additionally, dates boost energy levels well within an hour, as they are rich with natural sugar like fructose and glucose.

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