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Hotel Jen J65 Lunch Buffet, Tanglin

What was previously Traders Hotel in Tanglin is now refurbished and reopened as Hotel Jen Tanglin - a hip and edgy addition to the hotel scene in Singapore. Walking into the hotel, leaving the humid Singapore weather behind, it is easy to fall in love with the place.

Quirky touches give the otherwise contemporary hotel a very welcoming vibe. Especially if you're a hipster. Oops, yes, I just said that. This will be made clear when you walk past the wall with vintage bikes mounted on it. One has to suppress hipster urges to ride those bikes...

Its design is versatile and easily adaptable to business travellers, families and even couples.

Really cutesy signs outside the restroom give a splash of colour to the bare walls.

From the reception area, we are led into the dining hall. As it is still early, few guests are here for lunch. 11am at the buffet sees only one man, an engineer by the name of Walter, tapping away at his laptop. The staff inform us that he is a hungry guest and we quickly snap a few shots of the untouched buffet spread so he can grab an early lunch.

Much of the international buffet consists of Asian fare with dishes like sushi, Thai and local salads but also healthier options like tuna salad and vegetarian rolls. Healthy food is an ongoing trend as society continues to grow more knowledgeable.

Fresh mussels and prawns are carefully selected and put on ice.

Roasted vegetables are aplenty. Healthy eating really isn't hard to do at Hotel Jen.

A large serving of kimchi fried rice seems to attract many of the lunch crowd that trickles in slowly by noon. Soon, the dining area is quite occupied with only a few tables left bare.

One of the more popular stations is the do-it-yourself pie tee, with a generous collection of condiments to add to your pie tee, including bak kwa!! Be sure to add in a generous scoop of garlic chili sauce for the best result.

Spring rolls and fish cakes with sweet chilli sauce are also part of the buffet. A word of caution, you may get addicted to it after a bite.

But what really stands out in the buffet is the modern Indian fare available. Crab curry and masala potato are easy favourites. The masala potato packs a spicy punch as it should and is highly appetising.

Of course, it is also easy to fall into sinful behaviours with Hotel Jen's extensive dessert spread. I was very good to watch my sugar intake and only tried a couple of the desserts like the profiterole and the blueberry panna cotta. I think a common sentiment shared by girls is that if we're going to spend our precious calories on something, it better be good. Life is too short to spend our calories eating food that isn't fantastic. But Hotel Jen makes it worth every darn calorie!

I hope to stay at the hotel some day. But for now, I'm happy to have sampled their buffet spread. Father's Day is coming up, maybe it's time to bring daddy to a hip place for the occasion.

Monday to Saturday: 12noon – 2.30pm / SGD 29++

Sunday: 12noon – 3pm / SGD 55++

J65 @ Hotel Jen, Tanglin

1A Cuscaden Rd

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