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Pacamara & Habitat Coffee, Upper Thomson Rd

We dropped by a couple of cafes in Upper Thomson for a quick drink a couple of afternoons. Cafe culture is still going very strong in Singapore and cafes are often packed even at odd hours. But none that we actually have to spend hours queuing up for (I think the concept of queuing for food is just ridiculous, but this seems to be a common occurrence in Malaysia and Singapore and probably some other Asian countries).

The interior of Pacamara is very industrial-chic, a common making for hipster cafes nowadays. Of course they serve up hot lattes, standard coffees and cake combinations. But even though we didn't order any food during our visit (it was about 5PM on a weekday), many of the people seated next to us ordered food that looked pretty mouth-watering and the aroma drifted over to us and got our stomachs growling.

It's a really relaxing spot to just have a coffee with friends. It can get a little noisy when it is packed but conversations can easily be carried out at a normal volume. The drinks are priced at the standard $5, $5.50.

Our visit to Habitat cafe happened on a separate afternoon after we enjoyed an afternoon out at the ArtScience Museum. Our appetites were roaring to go way before dinner time, so we decided to just share a dish and a drink so we wouldn't spoil our dinner.

Again, for 4pm on a weekday, there were quite a number of tables occupied. We were given one of the last few remaining tables open in the cafe. Estee ordered an iced chocolate because it was already almost evening and the two of us are rather sensitive to caffeine. But it proved to be a good choice because we both enjoyed the cool chocolate drink.

In a very contrasting turn of taste, we ordered the Singapore chili crab spaghetti. This is something that isn't very easy to find even in Singapore itself. It is not available at just any cafe (although it should because Singapore chili crab sauce is the best!!!). Of course, they executed the dish so well and we finished the whole thing. On top of just the pasta, the dish comes with fried mantous, just like it would if you went to eat chili crab at a seafood restaurant. This dish is perfect because you get to enjoy all the crab meat without the effort of having to scoop it out of the crab. *lazy*

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters 185 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574333 Mon - Sun 9AM - 11PM

Habitat Coffee 223 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574355 Tue - Fri 11AM - 10:30PM Sat & Sun 10:30AM - 10:30PM Closed on Mondays

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