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Patisserie Platine by Waku Ghin, Marina Bay Sands

In September last year, renowned chef, Tetsuya Wakuda launched Patisserie Platine at RISE Lounge, offering 18 types of intricate pastries and petit cakes from the award-winning restaurant Waku Ghin.

The exclusive selection, which changes seasonally, or so we are told, is beautifully hand crafted and lovingly created by Waku Ghin’s pastry team. The cakes are available for takeaway or dine in at RISE lounge, located at the lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Tower 1.

Each cake is made in-house, using premium ingredients and fresh seasonal fruits from Japan and Europe. The picture-perfect creations are not only easy on the eyes but also on the palate, hitting the right notes for texture and flavours.

Dining at Waku Ghin's Patisserie Platine is of course, an experience by itself. Enjoy the stream of natural light flowing in from all directions while you sip tea at the lounge - a place where businessmen and tourists frequent any time of the day - and feel like a total tai tai.

The chocolate mousse with raspberry and pistachio ($12) is a decadent dessert, which a rich cocoa taste but its texture remains light. The cakes here are not at all dense, in fact, it is so light, that it is dangerously easy to polish off an entire cake by yourself without realising it. The ingredients are fresh, as promised and rings true in every bite.

Ghin's cheesecake ($12), a house specialty, is feathery light and it is almost like eating a cloud. For a cheesecake, it goes against the grain of everything a cheesecake should be. Waku Ghin's team pushes boundaries with the cake, making it refreshing and almost airy. It is the type of cake you would eat for a good pick-me-up after a long work day.

The matcha opera cake ($10) also offers the same fluffy texture as the cheesecake and is very reminiscent of a tiramisu cake. We noted a hint of alcohol in this cake and for each bite, the tastes hit the tastebuds quite strongly, but there are so many layers to the taste that the alcoholic tinge is soon forgotten.

This bright coconut mousse with passionfruit and mango ($10) also carries the same lightness in texture as the other cakes despite being so dense in the fruit department. The coconut is so subtle in the mousse that it is almost undetectable. This was one of my favourites out of the lot we tried. All the desserts were surprisingly not too sweet either.

Waku Ghin Patisserie Platine @ Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 Rise Lounge, first floor, Marina Bay Sands

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