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Mrs Pho, Beach Road

Firstly, I have a big announcement to make. FVSW is expanding its operations into Singapore! Both the KL and Singapore team will be contributing to the same site for now and exciting things will be coming your way!

Now, onto the review...

One of my foodie friends in Singapore suggested we pay a visit to this hole in the wall type, Vietnamese restaurant. True to the Vietnamese culture, the place is cramped full of tables, there is an absolute cornucopia of dishes to try and you'll find it hard to carry a conversation without raising the volume of your voice in this tiny space. Having recently returned from Hanoi, I felt like I was transported right back into the heart of the Old Quarter with the mini-stools and tables with seemingly oversized ang mohs (and local Singaporeans) sitting outside enjoying a bowl of pho.

Mrs Pho has garnered plenty of good reviews online and as a result, queuing for a table is almost a guarantee, especially if you're dining in a larger group than two.

Waiters and traditionally-dressed waitresses expertly navigate the narrow pathways to deliver steaming hot bowls of beef and chicken pho, among other freshly made Vietnamese dishes.

The menu is extensive, including smaller eats like skewers and of course, Vietnamese spring rolls.

The meatballs on skewers is something that everyone should give a try but be warned that it comes with a generous sprinkling of peanuts (so for those, like me, who are allergic, perhaps you might want to let the waiters know in advance not to include these deathly but delicious toppings).

Thankfully, the fresh spring rolls did not include peanuts. Instead, the wraps are full of prawns, rice noodles and a bunch of other crunchy Vietnamese herbs.

We also tried the fried pork and prawn rolls - we expected a good mix of pork, prawns and other herbs in this deep fried snack but were pleasantly surprised to find a whole roll full of meat!

For mains, of course, we tried the classic beef pho - the broth rich with taste and the beef cooked to perfection.

But we agreed that the stir fried beef with lemongrass and rice noodles had to be the star of the show. Again, the dish comes with peanuts, so please do let the waiters know not to include peanuts in your dish if you're allergic. The beef itself is so tender and is reminiscent of its Japanese counterpart yakiniku or a cross with Korea's beef bulgogi.

Servings here for the mains are perfect for one - it is filling enough that you will have just enough space to fit in a couple of sides (and dessert after if you want!). Service is fast - we got our food in less than 10 minutes of sitting down and ordering. If you are queuing up outside for a table, you are encouraged to put your order down first.


Mrs Pho 349 Beach Rd Singapore

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