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Travel Recommends (WiFi Router) #travelwithwifi

Travel Recommends is a WiFi router and overseas pre-paid SIM card for travellers who cannot bear a second without connectivity (much like myself). If you simply have to Snapchat your day and post enviable gastronomic pictures while travelling, then #travelwithwifi is your hashtag motto.

Travel Recommends currently offers the lowest rate in town from as low as RM9/day for a truly unlimited WiFi experience. It also offers a free 2-way courier delivery service and allows users to connect to multiple devices at one time (so you don't have to fight with your parents for WiFi at places with limited access).

Travel Recommends is giving away RM 500 Cash and Free Unlimited WiFi for your next trip in the Travel Recommends Instagram Contest.

  • To enter is easy - just take a picture of Travel Recommends router against your destination's scenery, tag them on Instagram at @TravelRecommends and hashtag #‎TRpocketwifi‬ and #‎TravelwithWifi.

  • The Contest is running now until 30 June 2016.

For more information, visit

For more information, visit

#wifi #travelrecommends #unlimitedwifi

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