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Holiday Inn Glenmarie Ramadan Buffet 2016

Hotel buffets hardly inspire foodies to wax lyrical about its offerings. Food cooked en masse is usually compromising on an establishment's standards, especially during special seasons like the month of Ramadan, when kitchens are the busiest and it is more short-handed than on normal days.

But Holiday Inn Glenmarie has stepped up its game with a four-variant rotational menu this upcoming Ramadan month at its Kites restaurant - a feat that is both admirable and ambitious. We got to try the preview of the Ramadan buffet and we were not disappointed.

This year's theme is international for Holiday Inn. As Hari Raya and the month of ramadan is practised worldwide, they wanted to bring the tastes of the rest of the Muslim world to Malaysia. Included in the buffet apart from classic Malay dishes will be Arabic cuisine and even some halal Thai fare. Each dinner service will cater to its maximum capacity of 400.

Diners can expect dishes like lamb with mandi rice, an Arab dish as well as authentic Nyonya laksa during this month of Ramadan.

Though it is the holy month for fasting and praying for the Muslims, it is also a time for feasting and fellowshipping. And this all can be done over beef and chicken satay, grilled over charcoal on the spot, where it comes out slightly charred and crisp on the outside but maintaining a succulent inside.

The chefs boast about the house sauce for the satay - a thick, creamy gravy that is generously slathered over the sticks of meat.

Dishes available at the Ramadan buffet also include roasted Hainanese chicken rice, beef rendang, ayam masak merah, seafood dishes and of course, a hearty spread for dessert.

An absolute must-try is the on-demand meat grill. Pick your cut and the chef will grill it to utter perfection.

There is also an ice kacang machine with a spread that would make any ice kacang lover drool with delight.

The early bird price for the buffet is RM95 nett if you buy the buffet vouchers or call in to make a booking before 31st May. These vouchers can be used throughout the month of Ramadan.

The normal price is RM135 nett if you buy the buffet vouchers or make a booking after the 31st.

The normal price is RM135 nett if you buy the buffet vouchers or make a booking after the 31st.

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