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Kirin Ichiban x Torii Malaysia, TTDI

Torii is Malaysia's answer to a classy watering hole and access to some of the best yakitori in town.

I've tried Torii but only once and at the Batai branch. I was not very impressed by the service there, so when I was offered the opportunity to try Torii in TTDI, I knew I had to give the place a second chance. I am so glad I did because it totally turned my opinion of the brand around. Perhaps it was because when I tried Batai, it was still so new and they were trying to get their footing but I always believe that the maiden branch of a food establishment will always be better.

It was my first time trying Kirin beer, since I am not a huge beer drinker. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Kirin is actually very light and enjoyable.

We enjoyed a lovely seafood lobster chowder (RM20) with the beer to start the meal off with.

Gyozas are my absolute favourite. I think I could have indulged in just gyoza and Kirin all night.

Okay, so those of you who actually know me will know that I hardly eat foie gras - not only for its unethical trade but also because I simply don't like the taste. But I was served foie gras and eel in this cute little dimsum steamer. I tried half of it for taste and it was not too bad. Also, after a sip of Kirin beer, all my troubles left me and I was feeling pretty good.

Fresh oysters, anyone? (This goes surprisingly well with Kirin...)

Of course, skewered grilled meats and fish are the specialty of the place and we had a generous amount of that to go around.

Sweet potato skewers - a good idea for when I want to load up on clean carbs.

The beef skewers are to die for. Seriously. Matt and I could not stop ourselves from devouring more than one stick each. It is so buttery and soft inside, perfectly grilled to a medium rare - just how beef should be enjoyed. Kudos to the chef for perfect execution.

This mentaiko pasta was so rich and creamy and acted as a good contrast to the light Kirin beer. Matt had a great time eating every strand of the dish. Pink (sauce) pasta, ftw.

I think one of everyone's favourites for the night was this autumn risotto with egg, crab and asparagus. The egg yolk mixed into the risotto only made it all the more decadent. Balanced with the lightness and cold, refreshing iciness of Kirin, I would have been really happy just eating this and the gyoza...

That is... until dessert arrived. They served up the most amazing lavender white chocolate, whiskey-n-raisin and dark chocolate ice creams. An easy standout was the lavender white chocolate. It was just such a perfect blend of the herb with a sweet chocolate that it was hard to just have one scoop.

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