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KLCC Ramadan Buffet 2016

With Ramadan coming up soon, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center has been getting ready to unleash its buka puasa offerings. We got a early taste of their offerings earlier this month.

The Tempoyak Ikan Patin is fish mixed with fermented durian. It was a milky, perfect mix of sweet and sour – but rather mild on spiciness. The mild spiciness is good though, as it does not compete with the richness of the fermented durian gravy for your tastebuds.

Ikan keli berlado was superb. It wasn’t really spicy despite being called "berlado" (meaning cooked with pepper). The fish was fresh, and fried to perfection. One of the people at our table claimed it tasted almost exactly like his mother's cooking.

The Rendang Ayam Kampung Seri Menanti was one of the highlights of the spread, reminding another person at our table of his late grandmother’s cooking. The recipes used must have been extremely authentic to evoke such reactions.

The Mediterranean Hickory-Smoked Lamb was superb. The meat was tender, and you could definitely tell The smoky taste of it was sharp, the lamb was tender, and the taste was well balanced.

There was a seafood bar where we can just pick up scallops, mussles, squid, and fish with the sauce of your liking : nyonya, kam heong, and portugese. I took a mixture of scallops and mussles, and it was okay. The portugese sauce could’ve been better, i think it lacked a bit of salt and the scallops wasnt cooked well.

The pisang goreng was everything you would want it to be: crispy, sweet, fresh, and not soggy.

The pisang goreng was best paired with an unusual drink: the teh tarik pisang. Bursting with banana flavor, the drink is definitely one to try.

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