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Jia Yuan, previously of a different establishment has broken away to do his own thing in Jaya One. The Melbourne-trained chef opened a cosy nook in Jaya One and has decided to call it Fest.

The interior is very basic and comfortable with just a hint of a hipster vibe.

Look at all the desserts I cannot have ~~~~

Since we dropped by for an early dinner, we decided against coffee but instead went for less caffeinated drinks like locally made Tapping Tapir sodas.

The food menu is currently limited to only a handful of dishes due to the fact that Fest does not have a proper kitchen. They serve both savoury and sweet waffles that are great for lunch or tea but a tad too light for dinner fare.

But they do have sandwiches - like this lemak sandwich with all the trappings of a traditional Nasi Lemak sans the nasi, obviously.

My favourite would have the be the hash brown waffle - potato, good; cheese, very good; potato and cheese together in the shape of a waffle? SO OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD.

Dessert waffles include a local Milo Dinosaur waffle, served with homemade coconut ice cream. The coconut ice cream did not have a very strong coconut taste, but instead tasted like pandan to me, which I enjoyed very much.

If you thought the Milo Dinosaur could not get any better, the cute little cafe also serves up a mean dark chocolate Belgian waffle, which is to die for. Sorry for the blur pic! This coincidentally was the night I fell sick and did not have much energy to take proper pictures. *insert sad face*

I would like to see a slight expansion of the menu to include heavier dishes like pasta or even more variety like salads... But for the time being, Fest is a good place to grab a quick bite on the go if you are in the area.

Fest @ Jaya One The Square, Jaya One (next to The Morning After)

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