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Healthy Juices at Juice Works

Ever since I started working out again and watching my intake, I have been on the hunt for healthy alternatives to all of my usual snacks and midday treats. With the recent scorching heat and fast-changing weather, my immune system has also been hit. And since I am not the type to binge on vitamins, I prefer taking my vitamins through food and drink.

Also since I am not a huge vegetable and fruit eater, I tend to lean towards ordering juices when I am out to replace my usual sweet drinks like milkshakes or iced lemon tea. Juices come with all the nutrients that I need without much effort on my part to consume them.

So when I found out that Juice Works will be introducing brand new healthy vegetable and fruit drinks for the month of April and May, I got pretty excited. They have chosen spinach as their core ingredient in the three new drinks because of its qualities. Thankfully, Spinach is one of my favourite leafy vegetables to have at a Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately, a lot of its natural taste is lost in the pool of oyster sauce gravy it comes with.

Why spinach is great is because it is very low in calories yet rich in soluble dietary fibres. According to research, approximately 100 grams of it provides up to 25% of our daily intake of iron, and it is also chock-full of minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc. Great for my post-workout recovery.

So here are Juice Works new healthy drinks.

Tropical Hulk – a blend of spinach, mango, banana, jackfruit, tropical juice and mango yoghurt. What it is good for is: - Natural carbohydrates for energy - for gym lovers - Great source of antioxidants - Delicious mixture for kids to get vitamin A, C, minerals and calcium for growing bodies.

Strawberry Orchard is a blend of spinach, orange, strawberries, and mixed berries yoghurt with the key benefits of: - Great source of Vitamin A & C, providing antioxidants for a strong immune system and healthy heart - Good source of minerals - Good source of calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

Skinny Me is a special blend for those who want to keep trim. It is a blend of spinach, cucumber, apple, and guava. It is said to having the following qualities: - Low in calories and reduces water retention to help lose weight - Good source of antioxidants and minerals, with anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties - Great for prevention of heart disease and lowers cholesterol

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