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Donkey & Crow Irish Pub, TREC KL

What's an entertainment centre without some form of an English pub, right? Donkey & Crow is exactly what TREC KL needs to fill this niche. I've personally never been to Ireland, but I have visited England and Scotland. Having stepped into a few pubs myself in the UK, it's quite typical to find the usual chicken tikka masala (because Indian food is what you must eat when you're drinking), fish and chips (because it's a staple food for the English) and finger food.

Donkey & Crow have that on their expansive menu but they have also incorporated a lot of Ireland into the menu, which is impressive considering the crowd here will mostly come in for the drinks and food is secondary on their priority list.

But of course, I go for the food...

I tried two appetisers/starters - scotch eggs (I've been jonesing for some since trying them for the first time in London's Borough Market last year) and pigs in a blanket.

The scotch eggs were served cold, which comes as a surprise to me since the ones I had in London were hot off the oven. But it tasted pretty authentic. The meaty wrap around the egg was well-seasoned. However, I had my reservations about the spicy wasabi sauce that came with the eggs. I am not a big fan of wasabi/horseradish/mustard.

The pigs in a blanket was a standard chipolata wrapped in bacon, which can be really moreish and enjoyable as a beer snack.

We chose a couple of Irish mains - mostly stews. I went with the Dublin Coddle - which was a stew of potatoes, carrots, ham and sausages. It seemed like a very interesting dish on the menu. When it arrived, I imagined the dish would fit in best on a cold, rainy night when you're looking for some comfort food

I had similar sentiments when it came to the lamb stew.

The steak with chips were also standard pub fare. Unfortunately they had run out of pork knuckle on the day of our visit so we could not try what they maintain to be a house special. But that just means we have to go back again to try it!

Donkey & Crow @ TREC KL

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