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Non Entrèe Desserts by Wongtohgoh, Singapore

I'm a firm believer that location of a food place is irrelevant to its success. Having great, outstanding food and a unique selling point is the key to achieving that golden balance in the F&B industry. People like to try food that is different, food that cannot be found elsewhere. They would be willing to travel to far and unknown places just to satisfy their curiosity. It is clear that Non Entrèe manages to pique the public's interest and inspire many to travel to a little street near Farrer Park in Singapore just to sample their distinctive desserts.

The facade is a bright yellow welcome to passers-by, with repainted vintage rattan chairs and a small coffee table to match. It's a great chill out spot for those who prefer outdoor seating.

There are plenty of indoor seats to occupy as well. The dessert place is pretty spacious and of course, very instagrammable.

Their ready desserts are displayed in a little clear fridge next to the cashier. Do not underestimate the ready-made desserts - they are just as beautiful and stunning to capture in photos as those on the menu.

Off the display counter, we decided to try an earl grey viola (I think it was $8.90), which is served on a grey plate. These subtle details are what makes the entire experience so enjoyable. The earl grey cake was perfect. The earl grey wasn't overpowering and the texture of all the different components in the cake was absolutely spot-on. Considering the amount of effort needed to create something as intricate as this, the price is incredibly reasonable.

Next we ordered something that is very Instagram-worthy indeed. Their Rubber Ducky dessert ($12.90). This yellow ducky is not made out of rubber, of course, and that foam isn't soap! The duck is a mango sorbet, sitting on top of a creme fraiche pudding with sago pearls in the "bath" and the "soap" is in fact, lemongrass foam. I'm not sure how much technique was put into creating this quirky dessert but according to my sister, who is a pastry chef, it definitely wasn't an easy feat.

It looked almost too cute to eat. But once you've had a spoonful of the refreshing icy cold mango sorbet mixed with the creme fraiche pudding, all sentiment toward the adorable duck will be gone.

We decided to try another dessert from the menu and since the rest of the desserts either had peanuts (I'm allergic) or alcohol (we didn't feel like having any alcohol that day), this was the only option left, apart from a chocolate Avalanche. But we felt that a chocolatey dessert would clash too much in taste after having that lovely mango dessert. Le Citron ($12.90) is another reasonably priced dessert considering it is so carefully prepared with so many types of ingredients including one from all of our childhoods - pop pop sugar (those crackly sugar bits that you would pour into your mouth from the packet and feel the mini explosions tickle the roof of your mouth).

How innovative is that! And the plating was comparable to that of high-end, fine-dining standards. Expect the best when you come to Non Entrèe for desserts. I am positive that all my visits to Singapore will now include a pit-stop at Non Entrèe for my sweet tooth fix.

204, Rangoon Road

204, Rangoon Road

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