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2OX, Jalan Doraisamy

Two Ox or 2OX is a gorgeous French bistro along the newly revamped Jalan Doraisamy. If not for our scorching hot weather, you'd feel as though you've been transported to a different country and city altogether when walking along the sidewalk of Jalan Doraisamy.

2OX, opened by the same mastermind behind Maison Francaise, offers beautiful brunch menus inspired by the different regions in France. The brunch menu changes from week to week with a total rotation of 8 regions out of France's 26 regions. But French chef Theirry promises to keep things fresh and exciting by introducing various dishes from the selected regions each week.

Over last weekend, I tried a carefully crafted selection of dishes from the region of Bourgogne, more commonly known as Burgundy. The region is praised for its wine and gastronomical delights. As such, it is only fitting for 2OX to offer a generous free flow option to accompany the brunch for only RM158+.

The chef started us off with some freshly baked and sliced bread and a dip that didn't really pique anyone's interest at the table. But later on, when we asked for butter, it did a great justice to the bread.

We were also served a glass of champagne each. While this is not part of the brunch menu, champagne is always a classy accompaniment to brunch (as long as you don't overdo it!).

The first three dishes were served all at once and strategically plated together. The gougere and the cheese tartlette complement each other perfectly and the lightness of both cheesy starters serves as a good precursor to the poached egg.

The egg is perfectly poached and the yolk oozes out with ease when cut into. Out of the first three dishes, the poached egg is an easy favourite.

The heavier dishes in the brunch menu include the braised beef cheeks in red wine jus and pan seared fish with tarragon sauce. Though the portions may look small, it is definitely hearty enough to keep you full all day.

The fish is especially delicious and is pan seared to perfection.

Finally, for dessert, a classic fine dining dessert - poached pear and vanilla ice cream. Poached till it is soft enough to cut with a spoon, the pear is a sweet delight to the palate.

2OX, 56 Jalan Doraisamy

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