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The Forum @ Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

Looking for a great brunch place to head to on the weekends? Your best bet is to make a trip down to The Forum @ Signature Suites Residences in Sri Hartamas. This bright and airy establishment is the perfect location for a birthday celebration as it is really spacious and also has a mezzanine floor.

The founders have a strong background in culinary, having been trained in Melbourne. As such, each dish served here is a gastronomic delight and they've carried over the Australian coffee culture without compromising any quality.

Coffee here is great and anyone who has ever lived in Melbourne would agree that it is similar to the brew Down Under.

Their big breakfast is a hearty meal fit for a King.

But my all time favourite dish here would have to be the mash potato with bacon. Its texture is so smooth and buttery - not a single lump to be seen/felt/consumed.

If you want something lighter, the grilled chicken panini is a good option. Side salads are served in cute little glasses. Not very practical but makes for great Instagram photo ops.

What is a brunch place without pasta? The Forum's carbonara is not too creamy, which doesn't leave you with a sickening taste after the first few bites. It's a great, full meal to have and you'll be satisfied for the rest of the day.

We happened to drop by The Forum at night during a weekday and Matt was treated to cookies and milk. He was a happy boy that night!

I chose to go with a lighter evening dessert - a zucchini lime cake. It is as refreshing as its ingredients promise to be and for cake, it is quite light and can easily be finished by one person.

Another thing worth trying is their Prana Chai. It may be a little spicy for some, but paired with soy milk, its spiciness is muted and quite pleasant with a minty aftertaste.

One of my favourite drinks to have here is their hot chocolate. Stir a spoonful of rich, dark chocolate into a mug of warm milk and marshmallows. If only it snowed or got really cold in Malaysia, this would be the perfect fireplace drink to have on a chilly evening.

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