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Brûlée Brasserie, Casa Tropicana

So I've tried Ruyi & Lyn's Nasi Lemak sushi, my friends rave about Nasi Lemak ice cream but Nasi Lemak pizza? That's a new one for me.

According to Seng Loh, the founder of Brûlée Brasserie, a cosy little pizza parlour tucked away in a quiet nook of Casa Tropicana, his Nasi Lemak pizza (RM11) is a talking point of most customers. My dining partners and I agreed that it was a rather polarising dish - you would either love it or hate it.

Myself? I loved every bite of it. Call me weird, but I enjoyed the sambal base on the sweet thin crust, sprinkled with some unmistakable santan rice, peanuts, cucumber and then melted cheese. The only thing missing from this otherwise 'authentic' dish was the ikan bilis, which would have made it perfect.

I liked this pizza flavour so much, I had two slices of it. Now, I'm not that traditionalist when it comes to pizza but having been to Italy and sampling the finest Napoli pizza, I've set my standards pretty high. And my expectations were met here at Brûlée. We tried 8 types of pizza at Brûlée Brasserie that evening and every pizza crust had the same consistency in thickness, or should I say thinness, and taste.

Seng Loh and his team of chefs have created a very youthful and dynamic menu - pizza flavours come with funky names like Super Mario (which is a pizza full of, you guessed it, mushrooms! RM14) and Beecon Hive (chopped up bacon and broccoli, glazed with honey, RM12).

Beecon Hive was an easy favourite. Who knew we would dig broccoli on pizza? But I suppose when you throw bacon and honey into the equation, who cares what the other ingredients are? Everyone was left licking their fingers clean after tasting this pizza.

Another pizza that we really enjoyed was the Pepperoni pizza (RM12). Chicken and beef pepperoni slices are generously spread out on the pizza and despite being quite a classic flavour, Brûlée manages to sneak in its own flair into the dish. The pizzas all come in 10 inch sizes and are really affordable.

Brûlée Brasserie isn't a name that just appeared out of nowhere. This little hole-in-the-wall serves up a mean creme brûlée (RM7), which comes in three flavours - the classic original, a Thai red tea version and a Japanese green tea one. You can never go wrong with the original but the other two flavours are worth a try too.

Brûlée is all about exceeding expectations. On their sizeable drinks menu, special in-house concoctions that are sure to pique your tastebuds include drinks like a Malaysian latte (an interesting mix of milo, coffee and milk, RM10), brûlée latte (which tastes exactly like liquid creme brûlée and has a lovely caramel scent, RM9) and ginger tea (which we didn't manage to try).

There's no doubt we will be back to try the rest of brûlée's unorthodox menu. B1-2, Casa Tropicana, Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Open Tues-Sun, 12pm-12am

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