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Sangkaya @ Jalan Alor

Sangkaya is Malaysia's answer to Thailand's famous coconut ice cream. The name Sangkaya is inspired by Sang Rida Kaya, the name of the founder’s wife. John Isaac, the founder of Sangkaya, pays tribute to her unique Thai name in his company’s moniker.

Sangkaya has recently opened a shoplot at Jalan Alor, off the hustle and bustle of Changkat Bukit Bintang. Party-goers and night owls will be glad to note that this establishment stays open till 2am, satisfying any midnight cravings for the coconut desserts.

Coconut milk ice cream is their signature dish and is served in husks sourced from Thailand (from RM3.10 for cone). Their other ice cream flavours include coconut green tea and cha yen (which is Thai milk tea, another must-have when visiting our neighbours up north).

They also offer a killer cendol (RM10.50) - a blend of their signature coconut ice cream and seven toppings: roasted peanuts, corn, cendol, jelly, red beans, toasted coconut flakes and strips of sweet coconut flesh, all atop a small pool of gula Melaka.

If it is just a cold drink that you're looking for, then Sangkay makes great coconut milkshakes (RM9.40) and they only serve the freshest coconut water (RM5.20).

In an effort to expand their menu, they are introducing coffees to their newly established Jalan Alor branch. The coffee menu covers the classics like long black, latte and cappuccino.

A special blend of coffee, Sang Koffee (RM7.20), is an original concoction. It is blacker than black with two espresso shots, coffee jelly and gula melaka in it. If you're pulling an all-nighter, this is the perfect drink for you. Older folks might enjoy this drink as it is reminiscent of the Kopi O Kao available at traditional coffee shops.

Their 2016 menu includes new desserts like a waffle with ice cream (RM7.30). It is best served with cha yen ice cream. The waffle is a Malaysian embodiment of a Belgian waffle, crunchy on the outside (which tastes surprisingly like toast) but soft and just the right amount of chewy on the inside, drizzled generously with a gula melaka sauce and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

Those who wish for a lighter dessert can try their caramel pudding (RM6.70 with 2 scoops of ice cream and roasted coconut flakes). Both the waffle and pudding are available at all their outlets. Sangkaya has a total of 37 outlets, 34 of which are owned by franchisees.

There are hopes to bring the brand across to East Malaysia and perhaps to Singapore in the future. These are certainly big dreams for Gen-Y entrepreneur, John and his wife, but attainable, given the support they've garnered since opening in 2014.

Sangkaya @ Jalan Alor 21, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

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