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Ruyi & Lyn, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The perfect setting for birthdays and special occasions, Ruyi & Lyn's modern twist on fusion fare is a quick favourite for the Gen-Y crowd looking to impress their friends. It's classy, the food lives up to the high standards that is carried across the Oriental Restaurant Group and of course, it's got the Instagram factor.

Guests are treated to pickled radish and tomatoes for starters.

The menu lights up like a Kindle e-book reader in the dim setting of Ruyi & Lyn. You walked in past a dark corridor on a red carpet... So I'm sure the dim setting was deliberate and gives an air of mystery to the place. But each table is lit with an individual spotlight to ensure no plate is left unphotographed.

Of course, the signature dish has to be the Ruyi's sushi platter - consisting the nation's tiniest version of local favourites: Nasi lemak, chicken rice and mango sticky rice (a bit of Thai influence there).

Their dishes come with very catchy names like this one called Pokemon's prawns (geddit?? Catchy... Pokemon... Nevermind). Though I'm not sure how this dish honours its name. The green globs are prawns covered in wasabi mayonnaise and topped with crab roe and seaweed.

The Bikini Island Crab is soft shell crab served with a sweet mint sauce. Best to share amongst four. Ruyi & Lyn's dining experience is best enjoyed in bigger groups like 4-6 people. That way, you get to sample more dishes.

This dish was called Donald and his cucumber. Very suggestive. Also kind of sad if you're a Disney fan and your food is a really cute (but annoying) character. But having said that, I have no regrets biting into the juicy flesh of this duck. Sorry, vegans/vegetarians. My love for meat will never die.

But I think all can appreciate the fact that I ordered a lasagna made out of Chinese cabbage - which is this Shanghai lasagna. Cream cheese, crab roe, yunnan sausage and Chinese cabbage. It might sound like a weird combination but once you sink your teeth into the Chinese cabbage, you will taste that the normally bland vegetable has absorbed the flavours of the other ingredients and each bite is like biting into a gnocchi pillow. Bland(ish) on the outside but so flavourful on the inside.

Surprisingly we had space for dessert, so we ordered the pistachio creme brûlée, which my mother happily ate till the very last bite.

And I had the raspberry panna cotta. Overall, the dining experience was very pleasant. The waiters were so attentive and they made sure to change our plates after every course and sometimes also during one course if we looked like we messed our plates up really badly (lol oops). They also ensured our tea cups were never more than half empty.

I can't wait for my next dining experience at Ruyi & Lyn.

Ruyi & Lyn, 4th Floor, BSC

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