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Raisin' the Roof, Bukit Damansara

Vegetarian or vegan food is always off-putting to huge carnivorous eaters (like a certain co-founder of this website). But personally, I believe if it's done well, any cuisine can taste good. And Raisin' the Roof's tag line: "making nutritious delicious", cannot be more accurate. They take the simplest and freshest ingredients and turn it into a delicious combination, perfect for a healthy lunch.

They've also got plenty of healthy take away snacks.

My first experience with Raisin' The Roof was taking away a lunch set for a vegan friend.

Such lovely presentation. And the food was very fresh.

We later on tried the same dish in the restaurant. Look at all those beautiful colours. The pistachio falafel wrap is definitely a must try when at Raisin The Roof.

I tried their egg mayo sandwich. Really healthy and filling too. But not as great compared to the wrap.

These are called bliss balls (RM5 each). We tried the maca espresso and a chocolate one. Both were all right but not quite up my alley of favourites.

But I must say their melon blitz drink was super refreshing and great for cooling down on a hot day.

My favourite dish of the day was the chocolate lava cake with matcha filling (RM15.90) and homemade coconut ice cream (RM4).

But if you want something healthier, try the purple pecan pie.

Light eaters may enjoy the avocado toast with a sunny side up. The pomegranate is a wonderful addition and complements the dish well.

I also tried their sweet potato and black bean wrap (RM22.90) with salsa. It's a MUST try because the spiciness of the salsa goes so well with the sweet potato that you'll forget you're even eating at a healthy vegan/ vegetarian establishment.

For something a little heavier, their brown rice sushi bowl (like deconstructed sushi) is a sweet and savoury bowl of yummy goodness.

The pistachio falafel wrap also has a salad version and it is as filling as the wrap.

The cafe also serves up a great cuppa. The frothy latte is made with the freshest of milk and you can definitely taste it in every sip.

Tea lovers will not be disappointed with their selection of teas. Pictured above is a hibiscus tea.

Raisin' the Roof also raises the bar for dairy-free milk with their in-house brand of nut milks. The turmeric almond milk can be quite strong for those who aren't used to the taste of turmeric but perhaps opt for the vanilla cashew or chocolate almond milk or pistachio rose milk instead.

Don't leave without trying their raw orange chocolate cake. It'll be the best thing you have that isn't cooked! Who says vegan & vegetarian food can't taste good?

Raisin' The Roof, 61 Medan Setia 1, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara

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