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Rocku, One Utama

Merry Christmas, Foodies! What's everyone having for Christmas brunch? I went all out and decided to try Rocku's second branch in Malaysia - in One Utama. A scrumptious meat buffet (omg yes pls!) for the whole family with live music accompanying the meal.

Fellowship with friends is more fun when you're cooking! And the best part is that this particular chain of Japanese BBQ buffet won't leave you smelling like you've just spent the whole day in a kitchen. The technology behind the grill ensures that you'll never have a smoky smell post-meal. The vacuum is quick to suck up the smoke so it never even leaves the grill.

You order from a little sheet and the fresh meats and seafood will be brought out to you.

But if you're really hungry while waiting for your food to be cooked, then try their ready made dishes that change from time to time.

Kirin beer - one for one - anyone?

Just look at how colourful and happy this looks!

What are you waiting for? Make your reservation now.

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