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I've never quite liked food delivery services... I think it had something to do with getting catered food delivered every night when I was a kid living in Singapore. The dishes repeated itself over and over agin and it had that same generic taste.

And even then I was already quite the fussy foodie, knowing what I liked and what I didn't. What I liked was mom's home cooked meals on Sundays and what I didn't came in tiffin carriers on the weekdays.

So it has been a while since I actually considered using food delivery services that isn't fast food.

But when I saw's website and menu choices, I knew I had to give it a try. I mean, chestnut stuffed chicken?! I couldn't pass up on that! And free delivery? GET OUTTA HERE.

So today, I gathered at a close friend's place with a couple of my gal pals and got to eating DahMakan's lunch meals once it was promptly delivered at 12:30pm.

Firstly, I didn't expect the packaging to be so gorgeous. Look at that minimalist design. And they're eco-friendly too!

The second I opened up my meal (chestnut chicken RM23), I was really impressed. The dish had retained its presentation despite having travelled from their main kitchen to my friend's doorstep.

AND look at that portion. All that for RM23, delivered up to my doorstep and no wash up required after? That's value for money in today's market.

And the salmon pasta (RM20) that my friend ordered was so beautifully packed and it was a generous serving of salmon. The cream base was just right and didn't come off as jelak even after finishing the whole box full.

I was so impressed by today's lunches that I immediately placed more orders for Thursday and Friday. They have two unique dishes which is served for both lunch and dinner and there is a different choice everyday. Cheaper options start at RM18. also pairs with Tapping Tapir sodas and Amazin Graze snacks to bring you the healthiest food options for lunch and dinner.

Use my special code FVSW to get RM10 off your first order with

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