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Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

It is a dream of mine to visit every single Hello Kitty cafe in the world. So when this one opened up right in my city, I knew I had to drop by to try it one day. I waited till the hype died down to try it out (also because I was traveling when it opened).

Honestly, with this kind of exterior, I expected it to be an overkill of pink and Hello Kitty everything inside.

But surprisingly, it was done so tastefully and I would label this very classy or chic rather than tacky.

I definitely prefer the interior over the one I visited in Taipei or Bangkok. Even the music playing was quite soothing and not the same annoying Hello Kitty song being played over and over again.

It seems like whoever set up this Hello Kitty establishment managed to take the classic cat and turned it into their own version of it without straying too far from her original look.

Don't expect lunch or tea to come cheap at this place. Tea for two start from RM99.90 and lunch sets are from RM37.90.

I really like their designs. Very artsy but yet still very Hello Kitty. I think they were going for a Parisian theme and managed to do so quite subtly in her design.

I think what makes this cafe stand out from the others is really the way the little details are executed. Like this tiled ribbon on the flooring as well as the carved out Hello Kitty logos on the tables.

Even the tall glasses are Hello Kitty-fied. And the milkshake was decent. The marshmallows were a nice touch.

Matt ordered the set lunch which comes with soup and bread. We were not too sure what the soup was supposed to be. It had the consistency of egg and didn't really taste like any soup in particular.

I expected my latte to come with a Hello Kitty face in the art but none of that here...

Being a gourmet cafe, I suppose the food portions are mean to be small. But this pasta dish left much to be desired.

The only outstanding dish we tried at the HK Gourmet cafe would have to be the churros. Which were not distinctly Hello Kitty in any way.

My three-egg dish was very cute with the Hello Kitty bread but it was nothing to shout about in terms of taste. The only thing nice about this dish is the scrambled eggs.

The set lunch came with a dessert and their dessert of the day was a chocolate brownie which was a little too rich in our opinions. Also, water costs RM7 here. So rich foods like this was hard to swallow without water.

But it was overall still quite a lovely experience. Just being in a Hello Kitty cafe makes me happy. And I loved their customised posters with inspirational quotes. This one was my favourite.

Would I come back? Maybe not for the food or drinks. But the ambience is worth paying for.

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe,

Ground Floor, facing main road, outside orange atrium,

Sunway Pyramid.

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