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The Tiger Bites Malaysia Street Food Festival

I had a great time at the Tiger Bites Street Food Festival yesterday with the bestie. She was so nice to invite me. We took an Uber to Avenue K just after 6, just in time to catch the sunset and a gorgeous double rainbow.

The set up was very old school chic.

They gave us coupons for beer cocktails and free beer or Radler.

It felt as though we were in an outdoor food court.

We managed to get quite a good variety of food to our tables and into our stomachs before the rain started.

The stalls commanded long lines but the chefs at work expertly served up our meals so we didn't have to wait too long.

We were even serenaded at each of our tables by local singer Jenn.

The queue for this was insane and it took about half an hour for my friend Jason to get back with two plates of this.

They even had this traditional Chinese candy vendor.

It was a great event with a very tasteful setup by Tiger Beer Malaysia.

#TigerBeer #TigerBitesMalaysiaStreetFoosFestival #StreetFood #localfood

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