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MyBurgerLab's Burger Addict Party

If you were one of the lucky 50 who managed to snag a ticket online for this exclusive Burger Addict Party, then you would have made your way down to Seapark on a Saturday morning, armed with an empty stomach and the enthusiasm to dig into their famous charcoal burgers!

We got there at 11:30AM and the staff members were already hustling to prepare the burgers.

MyBurgerLab has revamped their menu (which used to be hand-written on chalkboards on the wall) into this clean and chic menu design hanging above the kitchen window.

Their "note" wall seems to have grown substantially too.

So the Burger Addict Party had a pretty cool ordering system. Once we were seated, one of the Geeks explained to us that in order to get the burgers we wanted, we would have to Whatsapp our orders to the number given to us, wait for a confirmation and the orders would be brought to us. We could order a maximum of 3 sliders/burgers per person per round.

This was our first round. We ordered 4 full sized burgers and 3 sliders as well as a side of fries.

This is what our table looked like when our food arrived. Though we were promised 15 minutes of waiting time, the food only arrived after about 30 minutes. But the Geeks apologised profusely. This system was still under beta-testing.

But I was happy to get the food and one of the new burger flavours on the menu is called "The Bomb". And trust me, it was THE BOMB indeed. A beef patty, sharp cheddar, sunny side up egg, topped off with Sriracha sauce? Yessiree.

We also had an Elvis (which used to be part of their secret menu - not so secret anymore!) slider as well as a Chicken & Egg dilemma slider. Both great and something we would order again.

This is another picture of "The Bomb".

And this interesting burger right here is a donut burger called "The Seattle". It's like a breakfast burger - you have your donut, the egg and cheese and patty as well as espresso? Needless to say, our tastebuds were a little confused. But it was an interesting burger overall.

For round two, we had to control how much we were ordering because we didn't want to waste any food and we were feeling pretty stuffed by then. So we went with 6 sliders and a full sized burger. We ordered the A+, Say Cheese, Spicy Hawaiian, Hangover and Swisstake for the sliders and the Yellow Sub for the full sized.

We weren't such big fans of the Yellow Sub.

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert. We ordered an ice cream to finish off the meal. And this, below, is a message we left for MyBurgerLab.

What a glorious morning it was! We hope that MbL will consider making this an annual event. Hehe.

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