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Haru, Damansara Heights

I wanted to try Stoked, a new restaurant that opened up in Medan Damansara. But they were closed for a private function and told me to call before coming next time.

I wasn't too bothered by that because Medan Damansara is just such a wonderful oasis of food in the midst of Damansara Heights. I've never actually seen Haru before, probably because it is located upstairs (from La Risata).

The restaurant comes with two private rooms for special occasions.

It is a very classy setup inside and since there were few patrons that evening, it was a very peaceful dinner.

We started off with a California maki. I must say, I don't eat roe very often but this is the freshest roe I have ever tasted.

I ordered a tofu steak. I didn't expect the presentation to be quite so cute but I was pleasantly surprised. The "steak" sauce is a lovely blend of teriyaki with some other Japanese-type sauce. The whole dish was unexpectedly good.

I enjoyed my tofu steak with my garlic fried rice, which was fantastic on its own. Much better than any other garlic fried rice I've ever tried in other Japanese restaurants. The consistency of the rice was what stood out. It was as though I could taste every grain of rice and each grain was packed full of tasty goodness.

We also ordered the seafood fried rice which was equally amazing. The portions come small, but the dishes are all priced below RM20 each. It is good value for money for the quality you're getting, in my opinion.

We also ordered the cod, which was pricier. But you can be sure to get the freshest of ingredients at this restaurant. And fresh ingredients that are prepared in the best way too.

The only dish that was slightly underwhelming after tasting so much of the good stuff was the buckwheat udon. The soup was not too salty and had a very "clear" taste to it. But I have to say it was pretty average.

I don't eat foie gras, but the boyfriend's mother does, so she ordered the foie gras chawanmushi. It seemed to be quite a hit with her.

Lastly, we also ordered the teriyaki chicken to share. The chefs prepared the chicken so that the skin was nice and crispy but the meat remained as tender and juice as it should be.

10/10 would return to this restaurant again. Top notch service, great food and easy on the eyes (and wallet).

Haru @ Medan Damansara, Upstairs from La Risata

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