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5 Reasons to Have a Pizza Party!

So, the end of the year is coming. Really, that summer bod is no longer relevant. The end of the year is rolling around and I know, we don't have winter in Malaysia, but it's okay if we gain a little holiday weight... Right?

Little mousey-poo says: YES.

She's got the right idea about year-end noms.

So anyway, just for fun (and that year-end giving spirit), I've decided to compile 5 reasons why you should have a pizza party and not give a toot about weight gain this quarter. (We can diet next year, amiright?)

Reason #1 - Halloween

If you're going to dress up and get your freak on, you might as well do it with a bunch of your closest friends that you can goof off with. Throw a bunch of foodie friends and lots of pizza together and you've got a great party going. Even better... Dress up in a pizza suit ala Lady Gaga for some edible fun!

No need to be a fancy pizza. Just go like this Caprese pizza.

Reason #2 - Thanksgiving

We celebrate so many different cultures and holidays in Malaysia - why not Thanksgiving, too? But instead of turkey and all those elaborate holiday dishes, order a stack of pizzas and give thanks for it.

You can even have leftovers just like proper Thanksgiving and eat it the next day!

Italian pizzas are ordered not to share but for individuals. Can finish or not???

Reason #3 - Our currency so bad, we can't fly to Italy or America for the "real thing"

You've probably saved a ton of money from not travelling because our currency isn't performing well. That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the food of the Italians/Americans by indulging in your favourite pizzas...

(Legit Italian pizza from the southern region of Italy)

Reason #4 - You don't really need a reason to eat a whole pizza on your own. Monday is a good enough reason to pig out.

So you might as well eat that yummy four cheese pepperoni, salami pizza with extra cheese and a cheese crust.

Reason #5 - 50% off pizza

I saved the best for last. From now until October 16, order any pizza from Dominos Malaysia's website, input the code MYD1 at the homepage before you place your order and enjoy half price off your pizza order.

Then sit back and relax and wait for your pizza to be delivered right up to your doorstep.

But that's not all, you can do this AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT until October 16th.

What's more... Dominos has a top secret that they will only unveil on October 16th. If you want to be one of the lucky few people to join them in this exclusive unveiling party, order your pizza with the code, post up a picture and hashtag #DTopSecret and tag @DominosMY to stand a chance to be one of the chosen few!

Macam Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and the Golden Ticket, kan?

#DominosPizzaMalaysia #MYD1 #50offpizza

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