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Thai Cup, Publika

When I was still living in Singapore, I always enjoyed heading down to Little Thailand (or better known as Golden Mile Complex) to have authentic Thai food cooked by Thai people.

But when I moved back to Kuala Lumpur, I frequented many chains and grew tired of the same altered recipes.

Recently, however, upon a good friend's recommendation, I found myself at Thai Cup in Publika. The staff were Thai, the food tasted pretty close to the real thing and the prices were reasonable.

It's got a really cool interior but remains true to its Thai roots with little trinkets from the homeland.

Like this little sign for example...

I truly enjoyed their pineapple fried rice. The portion is a little large for one person but it was so good that I had to finish it all!

The green curry is just the right amount of spicy and what I like about this place is that they are very generous with the meat portions.

The omelet is standard fare, can't really go wrong there.

I would definitely recommend the lemongrass water and the Thai iced tea to top off the entire Thai experience.

Thai Cup D5-G3-1,Solaris Dutamas,

No.1,Jalan Dutamas,KL

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