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Amity Cafe, Desa Sri Hartamas

Amity [am-i-tee]


Friendship; a peaceful harmony.

It is that friendship and peaceful harmony that brought six friends to come together and create Amity.

Barely two weeks old, this establishment is fast becoming one of my favourite hang out spots. It is nestled in the still-quiet area of Galeria (by Glomac) Hartamas, just next to the police station. The lot used to be inhabited by Bad by Wood and Steel, for those who are familiar with it.

But as you can see, Amity has revamped the look and turned it into a bright and vibrant space.

It's also got a really cool cereal bar! Probably the first of its kind in Malaysia (outside hotels). Pick from Cheerios, Fitnesse, Choco Chex, Honey Stars and Koko Krunch Caramel (RM4.90 per bowl). Top it off with fruits or even Kit Kats and ice cream (RM2.90 per topping). You can even choose flavoured milk (peanut butter, whole milk, etc).

And the best part of the cereal is that it is available all day! Since the cafe is open daily from 11AM-1AM, you can have cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper!

For heavier dishes, they have quite a decent selection of wraps as well as pastas, ranging in price from RM9.90 to RM20.90.

Pictured above is the crispy Amity wrap with chicken (RM17.90).

Pasta lovers can choose from 3 types of pasta - carbonara, sweet basil and tomato (vegan friendly) or prawn aglio olio.

For the heartier eaters, there is an all-day Amity breakfast option for RM22.90.

Lighter snacks include nuggets (RM6.90) and chicken fingers with fries (RM12.90).

The cafe also serves great flavoured lattes like rose, Pandan and Tiramisu, on top of a wide range of Harney & Sons teas.

Which go well with cakes like the Nutella cheesecake (RM9.90)... Yum!

Take a book home if you like, but leave one in return for the next person!

The cosy cafe is obviously the result of six very passionate individuals who, on top of being friends, have become a special kind of family.


B-G-10, Galeria Hartamas

Jalan 26A/70A,

Desa Sri Hartamas.

Open daily from 11-1AM.

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