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Made-in Kefir (MiK), Ben's Independent Grocer

Well, if you're an avid foodie like I am, I'm sure you've experienced indigestion (probably from overeating) at some point.

Ever since I found out about kombucha (fermented tea), my indigestion woes have been solved. But sometimes kombucha can get a bit too much for my tastebuds. It can get a little sharp at the back of my throat (if overbrewed or if the flavour disagrees with my tastebuds).

Enter kefir. Specifically Made-in Kefir, Mabel Cheah and Wan Chuin's brainchild. It is packed with a tasty punch (dense with natural flavours) and works even more effectively than any kombucha I've bought off shelves.

What more, Mabel's MiK kefir blends come in creative options like strawberry & juniper, mango & cardamom, tumeric & ginger and coconut & passionfruit.

They come in four very beautifully designed bottles by artist Elena Kravchenko of the Beastiarium collection (now exhibiting at Art Row, Publika).

These beautifully designed and lovingly crafted brews are now on sale at Ben's Independent Grocer in Publika for RM15 per bottle. Grab yours today!

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