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Proof, Signature Suites, Sri Hartamas

This Aussie inspired rooftop cafe is Proof that great things happen when you have passionate chefs running a kitchen.

Not only is the cafe brightly lit from natural sunlight, it is also very well-decorated with little pieces like this coffee brewing contraption above strewn around the cafe.

Beans are sourced from Australia to give that authentic Melbourne cafe taste. Jia Yuan, one of the partners and chefs of the place, explains that Malaysians tend to like their coffee very "kao". But the type of coffee that is served in Australia is perfect with some milk and little to no sugar as it spoils the taste of the coffee. Good coffee, he says, is balanced. Their iced latte is a reasonable RM10.

Non-coffee lovers will find that the tea is worth its salt too. The masala chai (RM15) isn't from some instant flavour packet but instead are fresh leaves carefully measured out into a canister to be brewed and served as such.

Those who are like me and cannot decide between Asian and Western cuisine will find peace in this fusion dish. The vegetable tempura with chicken pasta (RM20) tastes like a typical Chinese stirfry noodles but with spaghetti.

Of course, we can't call it a perfect brunch place without the signature baked eggs (RM22). Served with two slices of garlic bread, this dish gives a nice tangy kick to your tastebuds after each bite.

Proof @ Signature Suites,

Sky Lobby,

Jalan Sri Hartamas 2.

Open daily from 6:30AM to 12AM.

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