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Review: Cubs & Cups, Desa Sri Hartamas

Heard about this place on my friend's social media pages quite a bit but only decided to drop in over lunch recently.

So glad I did. Nothing makes me happier than good food and cute little puppies!!

There are many pet friendly places in town but this is the only one where I've actually seen pets get the priority. Hehe.

They serve great pastas and pizzas from RM20 onwards.

The pesto was a little bland for my liking but with a bit of salt and pepper, it brought out more taste. But the pizza (topped with bacon and pepperoni) is a meat lover's dream.

A must-have at the cafe is their waffles. A little pricey at over RM20, one may be hesitant to order it, but it is very much worth it.

#CubsCups #DesaSriHartamas #petfriendlycafes #waffles

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