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Huckleberry, Bukit Damansara

It is not often that I can claim I've found a gem in food places. But after a hearty, healthy meal at Huckleberry tonight, I can indeed declare that I have found a rare gem of a place in this newly opened bakery/cafe. Not only is everything either homemade or artisanal or organic and fresh, it is also reasonably affordable considering its location.

Tucked away in a corner of Bukit Damansara (near Mollydookers) is what I anticipate to be KL's next (die die) must-visit cafes.

You can be sure that you will feel warm and welcome in this ambitious establishment. They even have an Instagram worthy table!

Whether you're dining in pairs or groups or even solo, Huckleberry has strategic placements of their seats to cater to any kind of diner.

If you're a tea person, Huckleberry's extensive list of available brews should impress you. I opted for the lemongrass and ginger tea (RM9.90). I was also told by one of the owners that the tea is sourced from a local supplier.

Or maybe you're into that cold pressed juice craze that is hot right now... Beetroot and celery or pineapple cold pressed juice, anyone?

If you're a big coffee fan, don't miss out on their specially roasted beans from Sumatra. I didn't have any coffee drinks but I can vouch for their blend just based on their coffee desserts (drool).

I've never had an orange florentine coated in dark Valrhona chocolate before, so I have little to benchmark this against. But if I may say so, this sets a benchmark of its own.

That was just a teaser before we got to sink our teeth into three types of freshly baked breads. We tried the soft milky bread, everyone's favourite - the multigrain, and a tasty raisin and walnut bread. We had the option to pair it with an in-house made mango pineapple banana jam, papaya vanilla honey jam, raw organic honey and good ol' plain butter.

That was the perfect opening to our first dish - the chilli cheese toast (RM13.90). Made just like normal cheese toast but packs a good punch with its onion sambal and green chillies. Topped off with that beautiful sunny side up... It's like a croque Madame but so much better!

Of course, no meal should go without greens. Huckleberry promises a healthy meal with its superfood salad (RM25.90). It is both colourful in aesthetics as it is taste.

I believe the salad was a preemptive measure to prepare our stomachs for this baby right here. The egg pasta with smoked duck bacon (smoked in-house, mind you!) was one of my favourite dishes of the night. While it may give off the appearance of looking quite light, the poached egg gives the dish an overall richness once mixed in. And there is potentially nothing more appealing than watching a yolk break over the pasta (RM25.90)!

If you're a big meat eater... Go for the salted beef sammie (RM32.90). No regrets there! It may look like a beef pastrami sandwich from New York's Katz Deli but it isn't. However, it bears many similarities. It could be the generous meat filling, or the English mustard or maybe even the gherkins as sides.

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert. And trust me, dessert should be the highlight of every meal. When I was first told about this dish, I didn't think much of the banana French toast (RM24.90). I had hoped it wouldn't come out too cloyingly sweet like many places make it. And it didn't disappoint!

I have to say... This dish left me speechless.

The brioche is so soft and fluffy, there is a perfect amount of banana and walnuts and I could not find fault with this dish even if I wanted to. It is hands down the best French toast I have ever tried. Seeing as how the chefs are French, I shouldn't be surprised.

There was an array of other desserts to sample but once I had tasted that banana French toast, I could not think of anything else. However, I couldn't resist temptation and tried a bit of everything.

Clockwise from top left: vanilla slice, sticky-sticky bun (you have to say it twice!), apple turnover, strawberry sponge cake, coffee eclair and a vanilla twix eclair.

While all were good in its own way, my mouth was still in awe of the banana French toast.

I can't wait to go back to try some of their other dishes!

Huckleberry opens daily from 7:30AM to 6PM.

Huckleberry, 2G and 4G, Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara

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