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  • Sarah Voon

Review: Nepalese-Himalayan Restaurant, Plaza Damas

I have never tried Nepalese food before but after having lunch at the Nepalese-Himalayan restaurant in Plaza Damas, I questioned why I took so long to try it.

These cute little dumplings, served with Nepalese chilli sauce and pumpkin paste was really great and came in both vegetarian and chicken options.

Look at how appetising the food looks at this restaurant!

This pumpkin paste goes so well with plain rice. It has a natural sweet taste with subtle nuances of Indian spices.

Check out this potato dish. Everything we ordered was perfect. Especially the fried soy beans below. They gave a great crunch to the meal.

But one of my favourite dishes was the pan fried chicken.

Though I am not a huge fan of mushrooms, this dish was way too irresistible not to try.

The desserts were very interesting but they were a little too sweet for my liking. The banana cinnamon yogurt was just nice but the vermicelli pudding below was too sweet. And there's something weird about eating vermicelli in sweet liquid with raisins.

Nepalese-Himalayan restaurant, Plaza Damas (opposite TGI Friday's outside Hartamas Shopping Centre).

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