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Review: Kamikaze Ramen, One Mont Kiara

I love ramen and trying new ramen places always gets me excited.

So, when I saw this ramen place on the way to Sushi Zanmai in 1MK, I decided to try it.

I love chicken karaage!

And gyoza!!

The broth was porky and the portions generous for the price (north of RM22).

I like spicy broths and this is just nice! Not too spicy and still tasty... Two thumbs up.

But the noodles can be a bit hard. Otherwise, everything else gets my stamp of approval. Definitely affordable. However, I still prefer Ippudo's ramen.

Kamikaze, 1st Floor, One Mont Kiara

#Kamikaze #OneMontKiara #ramen #porkbroth

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