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Review: Bingsu Cafe, Damansara Uptown

This is the first time I've heard of Bingsu since I'm not that into Korean culture. But when I saw pictures of it on Bingsu Cafe's Facebook page, I figured that shaved ice in this scorching weather should cool us down a notch.

The interior of the family-run cafe. The cafe, though operated by a family, is also co-owned by a Korean partner. So you can be sure of its authenticity in its servings.

The facade of the cafe, located strategically along the same row as Epicuro and POKC.

The menu displayed on the grey feature wall.

Blueberry cheesecake bingsu (RM17.90). The thing about Bingsu, which some might call the ice kacang of Korea, is that you pick what you want to eat and pair it with the shaved ice. That means you don't mix it all up like you would with ice kacang. Surprisingly, blueberry cheesecake works well with the milky shaved ice. In fact, it worked so well that Matt devoured the whole dish (despite not liking blueberries).

This is the injeolmi toast (RM7.90) coated in bean powder and almond slices, drizzled with honey. Injeolmi is a starchy paste found in between the crunchy toast and tastes a little like rice cake. It was a sweet treat to the tastebuds for sure!

The cafe also serves cake. Pictured above is Bingsu Cafe's tiramisu slice and in the background - a chocolate caramel with macadamia nut tart. Both were extremely good but priced at a slightly steep RM15.90 each. The tiramisu is moist but could use a stronger coffee flavour, while caramel lovers will thoroughly enjoy the chocolate caramel tart.

The owner of the cafe also let us try 8 of their ice cream flavours (RM7.90 per scoop) - banana, pistachio, raspberry, black sesame, soursop, chempedak, chocolate and vanilla. Though the ice cream isn't made in-house, the recipes belong to the family. Each ice cream or sorbet is chock-full of its respective flavours and health nuts will be glad to know that there is no fat added to it.

It's a pity we didn't have enough space for more bingsu but we will be back to try the Belgian Chocolate Bingsu and other flavours soon! Thanks for hosting us on this hot Sunday afternoon, Lem and family. We will update this once we've tried the other flavours.

Update: Tried the Belgian Chocolate Bingsu and Mango Cheese Bingsu.

Belgian chocolate bingsu (RM16.90). If you like chocolate, don't miss this.

I think the mango and cheese go so well together!!! For RM16.90, it is a reasonably priced dessert that will appeal to any cheese and mango lover. 

Otherwise, try the fruit pot roast (RM13.90) which is a towering cube of yummy goodness.

28, Jalan SS21/35,

Damansara Utama

(facing the LDP, same row as Epicuro and POKC)

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