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Review: Culinary Capers (Online)

When I first heard about Culinary Capers, it was through my former editor. She's into yoga and healthy eating. So I thought, okay, why not give it a shot (since she was hosting dinner and I didn't have much of a say anyway! Haha).

It would also be the second time I was eating quinoa salad. The first was when I had quinoa salad at Living Food in Menara Tan & Tan. They serve raw food and I was rather turned off to say the least (as someone who isn't a huge fan of healthy eating, as you can see from this website).

But as we gathered at the dinner table, the spread of greens and browns looking as welcoming as a tofu burger (which isn't as bad as it sounds but more on that later), I was apprehensive. Of course, hunger easily overwhelmed me and I found myself devouring the dishes in front of me.

I tried edamame pesto, quinoa salad, bulgur wheat and a bunch of other dishes with unfamiliar names that I probably wouldn't be able to pronounce/spell anyway. To my utter surprise, I loved it! From then on, I was hooked.

Above: Quinoa salad with bell peppers and the "secret ingredient" (cumin ;))

Bulgur wheat "fried rice" topped with sauteed onions, who says healthy eating has to be boring?

A different version of the quinoa salad - this one is with sprouts, pine nuts and molasses.

Lavosh bread (baked to a crisp) with red pepper and edamame pesto dips.

Culinary Capers only caters from their main kitchen. But they've also recently extended their services to include healthy lunch boxes to be delivered to the office crowd. They change their menu weekly.

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