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Review: Hadramawt, The Curve

Hadramawt, pronounced had-rah-moot, serves Yemeni cuisine and is one of the few restaurants that do in Kuala Lumpur.

Big meat eaters or big eaters in general will love this place. Like most Middle Eastern restaurants, Hadramawt serves large portions at reasonable prices (mostly less than RM30).

Overall, the meats are well-marinated and very tender. The rice is is seasoned to perfection. I love the hummus and other dips as well as the bread that comes with it. I mean, you get a whole huge basket of bread of only RM5! That's what I call value for money. Moreover, I have to say that I prefer the food over here to the Ampang branch.

But heads up, service can be quite abrupt and curt. This is something you just have to deal with for the good food, I suppose.

Would return here again with Matt to try other dishes.


Hadramawt at The Curve Lot G68, Ground Floor The Street at The Curve

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