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Travel: Ipoh, Malaysia

Sometimes I am required to travel for my full-time job as a writer with a local newspaper.

Sometimes I get to write really fun stories like food or travel reviews... Which spurred a full-blown passion for writing such reviews and hence, this website.

One assignment required me to hunt down some hipster cafes outside the Klang Valley. This meant a day trip to Ipoh.

Ipoh itself is a rather quiet town. It was never really known as a tourist destination as much as it is just a stopover town on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. But recently, to encourage tourism and to give the locals some hipster joints to patronise, a few hipster cafes have opened up.

The famous Ben's chain now has a Plan B outlet in the small town. Right next to it is Burps & Giggles - potentially the quirkiest cafe in all of Malaysia. Just around the corner from that is French Hotel's Jose & Deli cafe with its own in-house furniture and household brand.

Pictured above is Ben's Plan B outlet in Ipoh.

Pictured above is Burps & Giggles' whimsical interior and imaginative dishes.

Pictured above is Jose & Deli's dim but inviting facade and sumptuous breakfast options.

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