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Travel: Italy

Matt and I started off in Rome, then moved south to Naples and Pompeii, visited the romantic and timeless island of Capri, dropped by Pisa and Florence, spent almost a week in Perugia and ended the 21-day holiday in Venice.

For the most part, we stayed in beautiful AirBnb host locations. In Perugia, we enjoyed 5-star treatment at the Hotel Brufani Palace - the only 5-star hotel in Perugia. What a treat it was!

Pictures: Food from Rome, the Colosseum, the famous graveyard where Keats was buried, the Trevi fountain; Pompeii, food in Naples, Capri island and its culinary offerings, the statue of David, the duomo in Florence, quaint sites in Perugia and a classic Venetian picture.

#FoodieVsItaly #Rome #Naples #Pompeii #CapriIsland #Pisa #Florence #Perugia #Venice #HotelBrufaniPalace #TheColosseum #Trevifountain #statueofDavid

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