Wheeler's Festival @ Wheeler's Estate

Well known for their coffee and luxurious atmosphere, Wheeler's Estate is already a household name. But they want to share the love with all of their fans with a housewarming party on their new grounds at Seletar Aeropsace Park. The Wheeler's Festival will be an intimate lawn party, free for all visitors! Expect good music, food and chill-out vibes during the party. Dedicated to the love of cycling and bicycles, the organisers of this party are inviting all cyclists from our

Wheeler's Yard, Lorong Ampas

Hidden behind an iconic blue metal gate and trendy hipster bicycles, Wheeler’s Yard is a cafe that cyclists and families frequent on weekends. It is located right along Whampoa park connector, making it even more convenient for park-goers to enjoy their meals there. The industrial warehouse creates a spacious environment while affording diners a vintage feel. Before its revamp, there were spates of negative feedback from unsatisfied diners about their food and service. Today,