Kosnica, Duxton Rd

Among the many bars and restaurants that are located on Duxton road, you can find this little café right at the corner of the street... and their specialty? Desserts incorporating one of nature’s best foods - honey. First up, I tried their Hibiscus Tea. Personally, I tend to prefer more intense teas as this hibiscus tea had a very mild floral, berry-like flavour. For those of you who have never tried hibiscus before, you may like it if you love eating berries. What’s great ab

Oberstrasse, Lavender

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I was craving a good brunch. So I decided to head to this cafe located in Lavender. If you’re looking for one of the best places for brunch in Singapore, look no further than Oberstrasse. Oberstrasse is located in Kitchener Complex, just behind Lavender MRT (V Hotel exit). They’re known for their yummy German/Swiss style food and affordable prices. I started with a side of luncheon fries ($5.50). It was the epitome of sinful. I couldn’t st

Griddy @ Westgate

Griddy's concept is interesting. Most of its food come in grids and it seems popular among the casual dining crowd. As we eagerly sat waiting for what was in store for the media tasting at Griddy, the waitresses served us their signature mocktail, Lychee Mojito ($3.90). The sweetness and blend of mint leaves made the drink refreshing. It is indeed the right choice of drink to whet your appetite. The Lychee Mojito is a top choice among diners here and it isn't hard to see why.