Black & White, SS15 Subang

Subang, jammed pack with multiple higher education institutions paired together with college students makes for an excellent location to source for interesting and unique restaurants that each add a different dimension to this bustling area. Enter Black and White, a pork-free, fast-paced restaurant looking to fulfil the longings of the Asian demographic in a quick, easy, affordable manner. Established with the philosophy to bring the wide range of delicious local cuisine Mala

The Big Cheese, Da Men Mall USJ

I’ve been going to Da Men Mall in USJ quite a bit recently. They’ve got plenty of food offerings here worth trying. The Big Cheese is one of them. Under the Sarnies group from Singapore, The Big Cheese is the sister outlet to Weiner. While Weiner sells some of the best gourmet hotdogs I’ve ever tried, The Big Cheese serves up the most sinfully good grilled cheese toasties. Indeed, love fades but cheese is forever. And my love for cheese will never die. #cheeseforlyf Sarnies i

Weiner, Da Men Mall USJ

The moment I walked into Weiner, I knew I'd love it. It has all the trappings of what makes a good bar - fun decor, plenty of food and drinks as well as a really friendly manager, Siva. Siva and I became instant friends when I spoke to him and found out that he had come from Singapore and that Weiner was under the Sarnies Group (a favourite of mine). I knew I'd have a good time here at Weiner when Siva started rattling off cocktails he would be making for us. The ingredients

Beans N Beans, Da Men Mall USJ

Da:Men Mall in USJ is the latest addition to the USJ neighbourhood, attracting many of its residents. So it is no surprise that it has opened up a number of food outlets. Beans N Beans is one of them. The brand is imported from Korea. It's ingredients are also imported from their main supplier in Korea to ensure authenticity. On my first visit to Beans N Beans, I walked in feeling absolutely famished. So, I ended up ordering a whole bunch of sandwiches and a soup for myself a

The Canteen, Da Men Mall USJ

The Canteen is an all-new, one-stop food destination for local foodies. Far from your typical food court, The Canteen is touted to be a slightly higher scaled but still down-to-Earth spot for food and drinks. Prices here are not just reasonable, they actually give hawker centres a run for their money, especially with the quality of the food and the chilled out ambiance you get here. The Canteen is split into strategic sections to allow for different types of diners to feel at

Bali & Spice, Da Men Mall USJ

Matt calls this the hipster version of Ole Ole Bali because of all the indie songs playing over the radio and my sheer excitement at recognising all the songs. But I beg to differ. I thought Bali & Spice was a really classy joint with great Balinese cuisine. It was our first visit to Da:Men mall and we were both pleasantly surprised to see how modern and upscale the mall is, considering the upcoming neighbourhood. This is the pisang bakar (RM13) - warm, grilled caramelised ba