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New Maguro Menu at Shima, Goodwood Park Hotel

The first time we dined in Shima last year and experienced Chef Hoshiba Fumihiko's kaiseki (multi-course) menu we were totally blown away by the quality of ingredients and his immaculately plated dishes. We were excited to be back here again to taste his creations of Maguro (tuna), a festival happening this March celebrating the iconic fish in several culinary variations. If you happen to be a maguro lover, then this menu will certainly tantalise your palate. We started off w

Maguro Donya, Suntec City Mall

I love my sashimi and sashimi, of course, is always done best by authentic Japanese places. At Maguro Donya, they have sashimi brought to the table by their own team of fish trawlers back in Japan. Instead of the typical freezing for export when the fish dies after catching, how they catch their fish and maintain its freshness is by freezing them alive at minus 60 degrees celsius right upon catching them, which is probably the freshest you can get to catching the fish yoursel

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