Alison Soup House CNY 2018 Set Menu With Fresh Yee Sang

One of my favourite seasons is almost here - CNY! As much as I love Christmas, I think my Chinese side takes over when it comes to seasonal foods. I love CNY food and can never get enough of it! So when Alison Soup House announced that it was introducing a CNY menu, I was excited at the prospect of trying it. First off, in every CNY menu there has to be a Yee Sang platter and Alison Soup House’s features only fresh ingredients. They have beetroot as one of the elements. I’m n

Golden Valley, TTDI

TTDI is already highly saturated with so many food places but yet so many new gems keep popping up in this trendy neighbourhood. Folks of TTDI (and those of us who have to travel there ) are certainly very blessed with a wide selection of good food. Now, more so with Golden Valley open in the area. Golden Valley has an interesting concept - Chinese food with halal ingredients. And honestly, it was one of the best Chinese meals I’ve had in a long while! We started off our meal

Super Saigon, TTDI

Whenever I want to go for Vietnamese food, I typically wait to go to my favourite joint in Singapore - Mrs Pho. Not for the lack of the many Vietnamese places in Malaysia, though! I just love everything about that place in Singapore. But when we tried Super Saigon, I knew it would be like Mrs Pho - it would easily become my go-to spot for Vietnamese food in KL. The premises are pork free, making it perfect for everyone to try authentic Vietnamese food. How authentic could it

Harley's Burgers, DC Mall and TTDI

When we first came across Harley's, we weren't sure if they were a cafe or a take-out place. But once we took a closer look, we could see that they were something like a fast-food joint similar in concept to places like Carls Jr. Harley's, however, prides itself on the freshest ingredients. Nothing is frozen! And once you sink your teeth into the food, you will understand what I mean. The freshness in the ingredients really shine through and every spice and flavour comes out

Alison Soup House, TTDI

This new soup house located in TTDI has fast become one of my default go-to spots for meals - be it lunch or dinner. Alison Soup House is a pet-friendly soup shop that serves some of the heartiest Chinese soups we have ever sampled. The cafe is located on the second floor at the TTDI square of shophouses. Alison Soup House is just above the mini market - same row as McDonald's. The house pet is Spikey - a mild tempered white poodle that barks upon arrival to let its owners kn

How To Eat A Poké Bowl @ Paperfish, TTDI

Poké Bowls have been making waves lately, with it's heightened popularity especially among health conscious people in Klang Valley. Poké bowl (pronounced as 'POH-keh' and not poke!) is not something new as it has been around for centuries, being a traditional Hawaiian staple dish that is popular with its locals. They are basically chunks of raw marinated fish (eg. tuna, salmon) served on rice with greens and typically dressed with delicious umami sauce. The team at Paperfish

Superfoods, Verve Suites Mont Kiara

Evidently, healthier options for food have been met with much enthusiasm. After the success of Goodness Greens, La Juiceria have opened up two new outlets under a new brand - Superfoods. One is located in Verve Suites, Mont Kiara and the other at Avenue K. You will recognise the interior and menu here as it carries the exact same outlook as Goodness Greens and La Juiceria. Get your premium smoothies here too for only RM10.99 each - affordable and healthy. We got to try the wa

A Better World for Children by Meatology’s Dinner for Hope

Meatology is organising a charity fundraising to raise funds and more importantly, awareness for the disabled and children home, Pusat Penjagaan Siddharthan located in SS3, Petaling Jaya. For the whole month of April, Meatology is offering a special dinner menu from part of the proceeds of sale will go towards Pusat Penjagaan Siddharthan. This special dinner menu comes at the cost of RM120 nett, which entitles the purchaser to a 3-course meal, a T-shirt and a token of appreci

Vin's Restaurant and Bar, TTDI

My Thursday evening was made very special by being able to dine at Vin’s Restaurant and Bar in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. I had yet to visit this establishment but I’ve heard great things from people, so I was quite excited. Our dinner started with a Tomato Confit Bruschetta (RM24): cherry tomatoes confit in extra virgin olive oil (known as EVOO on their menu), garlic and basil atop house-baked whole wheat bread. I had never had confit-anything other than duck at this point and it

Common Man Coffee Roasters, TTDI

Being a huge fan of the coffee served at Common Man Coffee Roasters in Singapore, this visit to their KL establishment was met with a ton of excitement and anticipation. Disclaimer: I have a love/hate relationship with its branch in Singapore: I loved their ambiance, their impeccable coffee-making skills and the fact that they had a health/yoga studio right upstairs; on the other hand I wasn't a terrible fan of their price point and the fact that their food had a tendency to

D'Legends, TTDI

D'Legends is no stranger to the TTDI neighbourhood. It is a regular watering hole for residents. It is known for its floor-to-ceiling posters of legends. In a recent revamp, the bar now boasts new lighting and a ventilation system that allows for better airflow. But more than just that, their new menu is something worth making it your regular go-to place for dinner and drinks. They also boast the perfect serve of Guinness and Tiger. In fact, the Tiger pour is award-winning. F

Kirin Ichiban x Torii Malaysia, TTDI

Torii is Malaysia's answer to a classy watering hole and access to some of the best yakitori in town. I've tried Torii but only once and at the Batai branch. I was not very impressed by the service there, so when I was offered the opportunity to try Torii in TTDI, I knew I had to give the place a second chance. I am so glad I did because it totally turned my opinion of the brand around. Perhaps it was because when I tried Batai, it was still so new and they were trying to get

Goodness Greens by La Juiceria, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

When people talk about eating clean and healthy, it doesn't mean the food has to be all green and boring. Goodness Green is a living testament that eating clean can be fun and non-repetitive. In this gorgeous cafe, you build your own salad bowls with a really wide selection of ingredients and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to pick which you want in your salad because they all look so good! The shop is strategically located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail and for its price poin

Foo Foo Fine Desserts, Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Nestled on the second floor along the busy street of Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi is Foo Foo Fine Desserts. It is the perfect place to catch a brief respite from the rush of things, especially when you’ve had a tough week and all you want to do is unwind with a gastronomic experience. Dessert lovers will find refuge easily in the newly opened establishment. It is open from 3pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends, making it the go-to place after a hearty Sunday brunch. Sit by the windo

Chequers, TTDI x

I'm a little late to the game, but I've been subscribing to for a while now. Just saw their app recently and got myself a coupon for Chequers at TTDI. I managed to snag a 25% off deal just by sharing a post on Facebook and Twitter. I started off with a chocolate mint milkshake (RM13.90). Very milky, generous portion, simple presentation. Though their specialty is waffles, I wasn't in the mood for that. But had to try their waffle fries (because I have a weakness f

Review: Aether Cafe, TTDI

Ever since I started my fitness journey, I've been searching for healthier options for dining out. So glad I stumbled across Aether Cafe, which is meat-free. Not only do they have great tea flavours like blueberry rooibos (RM10), they also have amazing Thai iced tea (RM12). While they serve great homemade sandwiches like the egg & potato (RM13.90) or spinach & cheese (RM12.90), the portion is a little small. They also serve pastas but they weren't available when I visited th

Review: The Grumpy Cyclist

I am so glad I started this website. It has certainly broadened my horizons when it comes to food (and forced me to go out more to sample new food). So recently I tried The Grumpy Cyclist, a small cafe in TTDI. I think one of the main reasons why I never liked going to TTDI is because of the lack of parking. But I was lucky enough to get one this time. Though it was around lunch time, I didn't really feel like having a heavy meal so I went with apple cinnamon pancakes and Mat