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Blue Jasmine, Park Hotel Farrer Park

Good Thai food is easily found in Singapore. But what if you’re specifically looking for one that’s Halal? Look no further and make your way down to Blue Jasmine in Park Hotel Farrer Park. Overlooking the Park Hotel’s pool, this rather fancy looking restaurant would be a great place to have a nice dinner that will make your tummy and wallet happy. Be sure to reserve a table here before coming! You can do so via Quandoo. With a name like Blue Jasmine, you would expect some dis

Rod Dee Ded, Damansara Uptown

We get really excited every time there’s a new restaurant opening up around town, and we get even more excited when the restaurant brings in new ways for us to eat delicious food, and that’s exactly why we’re amped to tell you about Rod Dee Ded. Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Rod Dee Ded launches their first international outlet in the busy metropolitan hub of Uptown Damansara, just a couple of doors down from the famous Village Park Nasi Lemak. The name of the restaurant di

Baan Ying, Royal Square @ Novena

We’ve been to several weekend buffets and most are either western style or local, but here at Baan Ying, brunch is served in my all-time favourite cuisine – Thai. You can be sure to get some pretty authentic Thai food here at Baan Ying, with it being a famous name in Bangkok. Also, a lot of their ingredients are imported from Thailand itself! The semi-buffet in Baan Ying ($38.80++ per adult) includes one main course, along with a buffet spread of 12 to 15 delectable appetiser

Malai Thai, Fraser Place KL

When you think of authentic Thai food in KL, not many places pop to mind. That’s because it’s mostly chains in the city. A new player to the game is Malai Thai at Fraser Place, which brings authenticity and just plain old good Thai food to downtown KL. Malai Thai not only serves the most delicious authentic Thai food, it also showcases its creativity in dishes such as it’s Thai crispy fish with mango salad (RM25). This is unlike any other Thai appetiser we’ve ever tried. The

Chang Sensory Trails 2018

The annual Chang Sensory Trails is back again! Hosted by one of Thailand’s most celebrated beer brands, Chang, this Thai food festival is back for its third edition with a special emphasis on Thai home recipes. This year, expect 24 signature dishes by 8 Singapore-based Thai restaurants all in one spot at The Lawn at Marina Bay from 31 August to 1 September 2018 (4pm to 10pm). Entrance to the food festival is FREE! Now let’s take a look at some of the food that will be served

Un-Yang-Kor-Dai, South Beach Road

Thai cuisines are one my favourites and it’s something you usually can’t go wrong with, especially if you love spicy food. Since Thailand is quite a big country, the food in the northern area differs from what you’d typically find in the usual Thai joints around. And if you’re interested in trying out some authentic Northern Thai grub, I’d highly recommend you to head to Un-Yang-Kor-Dai, Singapore’s first and only restaurant that specialises in North-eastern Thai or Isaan cui

Siamese Cat, Novena Square

Thailand is known for it's vibrant food culture, some may even call it their go to comfort food. Zaan Soh, who is the owner of Siamese Cat is no stranger to this cuisine. Prior to opening her first outlet, Zaan spent a good amount of time travelling to Thailand and her love affair with this particular cuisine inspired her to open her very own affordable Thai joint in Singapore. The interior of the outlet has a very simple layout and colourful floor tiles, which makes it feel

Took Lae Dee, Tai Seng

If you’re one to frequent Bangkok, you’d surely heard of the famous Took Lae Dee, one of the city’s oldest 24 hour restaurant chain to get your fix on Thai classics at any time of the day. And now, you won’t need to travel all the way to Bangkok to get that plate of pad thai. Took Lae Dee, which means “cheap and good” food, has now landed in Tai Seng and you’d be able to enjoy authentic Thai food without blowing a hole in your wallet with food starting from just $3.80. Check

Maltby Street Market, London

Photo by Samad | View of the street Street markets have become a widespread across every corner of the big bustling city of London, ranging from touristic ones like the Borough Market to slightly smaller and less busy ones like the Maltby Street Market in the LASSCO Ropewalk. I visited the Maltby Street Market because I wanted to avoid the crowds. Much to my relief, the market wasn't as jam packed as others I've been to, which made my whole experience a lot more comfortable

Chang Sensory Trail, The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Singapore is absolutely buzzing with excitement this weekend! The Chang Sensory Trail is here! It is a culinary journey curated by Chef Bo (awarded Asia’s Best Female Chef 2013) and her husband Chef Dylan. With multiple vendors offering different types of Thai dishes, there is surely something enjoyable waiting for everyone here. Of course, don’t forget to grab a Chang while you are at it. Let’s have a look at some of our top picks from the event below. If you love soup, go f

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