Kohaku Tendon, Suntec City, Eat at Seven

As the harsh winter season in Japan ebbs away, one would eagerly anticipate the lush greenery, a harbinger of spring which unveils the umami ingredients hidden in the snow. This year at Suntec City’s Eat at Seven, Kohaku Tendon’s attempt to unify these harvests and highlight spring results in their latest fruition of their seasonal special: the Spring Tendon ($18++). The Spring Tendon is a bountiful gather of usual Japanese staples such as prawns, chicken and mushrooms pres

Natsu, Clementi Mall

West siders rejoice as the awesome people behind Pezzo brings you the first and only specialty Japanese Tempura Kiosk right at Clementi Mall. Natsu is also in the process of applying for their Halal certification. So, that's good news for our Muslim friends who'll be able join the fun very soon. One of their dishes to look forward to would be the Jumbo Prawn ($3) where you can taste the freshness and juiciness of the prawn while enjoying the tempura, and It’s great that they’

Fry Pan Shokudo, Japan Foods Garden

Fry Pan Shokudo is the latest eatery to join the enclave of Japanese food options in Isetan Scotts' Food Republic. Its affordable prices and delectable katsu makes this an excellent option to consider. Katsus aren’t usually my first pick if I’m ever having Japanese. When a katsu is too oily, or has a strong taste of reused oil, it gets cloy and ruins the meal for me. What’s wonderful about Fry Pan Shokudo is that they use fresh vegetable oil. The result is an almost oil free