Knowhere @ Bangsar

We are back again at Knowhere, Bangsar. And the last time one of us was here, it was pretty darn good. But personally, this was my first time dining at Knowhere. I was excited to try some main dishes as I the food menu itself was rather enticing. I was introduced to the prawn garlic tomato salsa (RM28) first. The prawns came and were rather large, but I didn't find them very fresh. The tomato salsa that accompanied it was quite mild to, but there was a strong garlicky flavour

Cocodash by Cocoraw, Bangsar

When I first heard about Cocodash and Cocoraw, I was excited to give it a try. In summary, Cocodash & Cocoraw produce local artisanal chocolate at affordable prices. Right now, in its only physical store at Cziplee, Telawi Bangsar, Cocodash serves chocolatey drinks to go and quick snacks. Customers can also purchase their amazing chocolate here to take away. Drinks are made fresh for you. The combination of the chocolate, milk and ice (for hotter days) is a winning combinatio

Fittie Sense, Bangsar

Fittie Sense is the latest addition to Bangsar, Telawi's wide choice of food establishments. This is one place that all the health nuts will flock to for its clean menu. But that's not the only thing that is clean about the place. The whole aesthetic is also very clean and incorporates much of nature with plenty of sunlight from the sunroof. Fittie Sense makes their own kefir probiotic soda, which is great for the digestive system! But they also sell (kefir) smoothies, tea an