Tamoya Udon (Dry Series), Liang Court

Tamoya Udon has released a brand-new set of tossed udon series, not only are they delicious but they definitely fun to eat! We would definitely suggest coming together with your group of friends or family to see who can toss the ribbons of noodles the highest We started out of the Oooh-mami Udon ($10.80). If you love seafood this is definitely for you, get ready for a burst of seafood the moment you bite into this udon. I highly recommend adding some tempura crumbs if the sea

Tamoya Udon, Liang Court

Tamoya Udon is an authentic Japanese udon restaurant that has 31 outlets across Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore. The dishes are handmade on site with ingredients imported from Japan. Chef Tamotsu Kurokawa, who was crowned the sanuki udon champion when he entered TV Champion, a reality cooking show in Japan, established Tamoya Udon in 1996. He believes that delicious udon can create smiles and happiness; So the udon he makes is like a token of appreciation to h