New Line Up of Desserts at Bakerzin

Have you ever went to a restaurant and thought to yourself, “Why can't I just have desserts for dinner today.”? Well I got to live that fantasy at Bakerzin as they introduce an assortment of new desserts for 2018, including a few classic signatures that you can’t go wrong with. Starting with some of the new desserts, one of my favourites was Miss Berry Ruby ($8). This glistening red block of mousse cake was nice and tangy and wasn’t too sweet, with the hint of hazelnut and ch

Bombolini da Lena Lu, Perth

Ciao Amici! Just hearing the words Bombolonas, Bombolone or Bombolini could strike out big smiles without even knowing what this is. Wait till you learn, they are Italian filled fried donuts, dusted with sugar, ordinarily in the size of a ping pong ball. And now, Lena Lu who owns the only Bombolini bar in WA, caters these "little pockets full of goodness" in the size of a regular donut! Now how do you feel? Here are some of the varieties of fusion Bombolini's created by Lena