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Genki Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

Genki Sushi might look familiar to you. The yellow logo is striking and recognisable a mile away. Those who are veterans in the foodie scene will remember that the brand used to be in Malaysia many years back. Today, it is making its reentrance into the Malaysian food scene bigger, better and bolder! Genki Sushi comes fully equipped with a digital menu (just scan the QR code at your table and it’ll pop up on your phone screen) and an impressive three track Kousoku Express tha

7 (foodie) reasons why you should visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful spot to visit - its vibrant city is steeped in culture so rich, you will find many things to do while there. But if you're a foodie like me, you will be visiting Hong Kong for more than its harbour and city views. Any foodie will find their haven in Hong Kong cuisine. Personally, I find much finesse is thrown into Chinese culinary arts. After all, Chinese food culture is one of the longest standing cultures in the world. So when it comes to keeping up

Cake Boss comes to Malaysia!

You would not expect a shopping mall like Sunway Pyramid to be busy on a Tuesday night. But then again, it isn’t every day that Malaysia welcomes someone like celebrity baker Buddy Valastro aka. Cake Boss to lead an event. There were easily over 2000 people gathering around the Orange Concourse that night and the area was so packed full of fans that I could not even see the stage. But good fortune enabled us to be able to meet the Cake Boss in a private room when he was meeti

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, Sunway Pyramid

It is a dream of mine to visit every single Hello Kitty cafe in the world. So when this one opened up right in my city, I knew I had to drop by to try it one day. I waited till the hype died down to try it out (also because I was traveling when it opened). Honestly, with this kind of exterior, I expected it to be an overkill of pink and Hello Kitty everything inside. But surprisingly, it was done so tastefully and I would label this very classy or chic rather than tacky. I de

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